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Adla’s ‘how to guide’ on dressing for a date. Based on what YOU actually want.

This could be you

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl getting ready for a date will look at her wardrobe and think, shit, what am I going to wear? Maybe this suede mini dress will go with this faux-fur gilet - ew gross - I look like a born-again 70’s pornstar. Not the vibe I want to give off! How about these leather jeans I ordered online from Zara’s black Friday sale, ooh with this camo top? This makes me look like I’ve got my shit together. What? Can't get these leather pants past my thighs! Well, Zara clearly doesn’t know how to size properly because I have certainly not put on any weight. Maybe I have, gotta use that gym membership I’m paying for to fulfil my 2018 body goals - get stronger thighs. And so the self-depreciation continues...

This routine in front of your bedroom mirror sound familiar?

The question we ask ourselves is what should I wear for this date? Somehow the answer lies in what do I want to get out of this date?

Do I want to marry this person, have 4 kids and become a Lululemon power-mum? Do I want a mid-length relationship just so I can circle +1 when RSVPing on a family wedding? Perhaps I saw that my date is high up at the company I want to work for, so I swiped right for career advancement? Maybe I want to hook up with this guy? What if i need to move on from the guy I’m clearly still in love with?

Let’s explore.

The I just want a ‘one night stand’ kind-of date

Let’s face it, you swiped right on a protein shake loving fuckboy. The ‘looking for something casual’ on both of your bios set the scene for a more transactional approach.

Whilst you may think now is the time to go full on sexy mini dress crazy. My advice to you is to think deeply to last time you felt powerful yet sexy.

The Vivian dress

Think Julia Roberts in the film Pretty Woman. She undoubtedly looked sexy AF when Richard Gere picks her up off Hollywood Boulevard in that iconic ‘Vivian dress’. Yet Julia struggles to feel her confident self; even when alone with Gere himself, let alone all the guests and staff at the Beverly Hills Wiltshire who clearly judge Julia on her fashion choices.

Fast forward to when Julia struts down Rodeo drive. In the “Big mistake, huge” scene Julia claps back at those bitchy sale assistants in a powerful ‘My Fair Ladyesque’ white dress.

Julia's my Fair Ladyesque dress

Julia’s outfit made her feel powerful and let her big dick energy shine through. So, what can we learn from Julia in Pretty Woman? Always wear what you feel powerful and sexy in. So you can shut the door behind your ‘for-one-night’ thing in the early hours of the morning and strut down his street just like Julia did on Rodeo Drive. There’s an unwritten expectation that if you’re a woman looking for a fun one-night-stand you need to dress in a super alluring way. Whether its a super hot mini dress or a grey suit, as long as you feel confident and powerful in the clothes you’re wearing, you’ll ooze in sex appeal. Please don’t wear a grey suit though.

The ‘get me an intro at your company’ kind of date

His tinder profile said that he’s an executive at X company, you’ve dreamed of working there, it’s a perfect match. Well, at least for your career. After dm’ing him you realised that you guys aren’t really a match but you’ve agreed to meet for a date.

For this kind of date, I would channel a more respectable vibe. More importantly, fit the vibe of the kind of job you want not the vibe of the company he works at. Similarly to dating, many of us live our lives blind to the jobs we actually would excel at because we’re too focused on aiming for a reputable job. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a corporate suit maybe your style psyche is telling you something.

The “I need to find a boyfriend” kind-of date

After many failed attempts by your best friend to set you up with a guy, you’ve decided to resolve the issue yourself and find yourself a guy.

I think the way you should dress should maybe resemble the kind of relationship you want. If you’re down for a more relaxed relationship and just down to Netflix and chill will a guy then you probably go for a more relaxed style. If this is a guy you're going to bring along to your friend's wedding because Wedding season is upon us then maybe you should go for a more sophisticated style. Like I say it depends on what you want. The way you dress for this kind of date sends out a statement for the kind of relationship you want this guy.

The ‘He’s marriage material’ kind-of date

So you’ve come to a point in your life where you think: I need to find the one, get married and learn how to bake in a quiet suburban community. You see his tinder bio, his favourite song is Toto’s Africa. Great, you can blast that tune when you guys honeymoon on safari at the Serengeti. Now, some of you think that you think you should approach this as you would for a job interview and wear a super girl-next-doorsy sundress to your coffee date in Soho; just to promote an aura of respectability and a ‘she’s got her shit together’ vibe. If the guy

your dating translates fashion choice to how respectable you are as a woman then I suggest you seriously think about how committed you are in ghosting him.

Here’s an idea! Open your wardrobe and take 5 of your favourite items. Try them on and see what’s suitable for the kind of date your going on and wear that one! Great, you now feel comfortable and stylish go out and get him! My philosophy: meeting a guy when you’ve got marriage on your mind is stressful AF. So start by dressing in the clothes you already love and bring comfort.

The ‘ I need to get over him’ kind of date

So you decided you’re going to move on from him! Whether you're still in love with your ex or trying to get over a crush, going on a date make you feel empowered to move on. You need an outfit that says “This hot Mamacita is back on the market”. For this kind of date, I suggest you go full project runway and commit to a glow up.

You know when the lead character in an 80s chick flick classic comes down the stairs in a couture hot pink dress. That’s the vibe! I think this is the time to go full on red mini-dress crazy or equivalent. You’ve been living your life like the best friend/ supporting lady. Now it’s time to dress and look like leading lady in your own life. Channel your inner Carrie

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw

Bradshaw. Need an on-set stylist for the movie that is your life? I’m available morning, day or night. Whatever you need to say “thank you, next”.

So my lovely readers. If you were hoping that an Adla blog would give you amazing style advice for dates. Think again. Your style is completely personal to you and no two readers are the same. For faster, more personalised style suggestions I suggest you just ask me directly, through the quiz. Hopefully, this blog post will make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own style. Now go forth and get the man of your dreams.

Lots of love,





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